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EDX Linux Foundation Ch 7:Find Linux Document



man是一個最常被使用的linux document,因為他寫的很詳盡。使用方法是:
man 指令 就會跳至man page顯示出指令的詳細用法。其他用法還有:
man –f generates the same result as typing whatis.
man –k generates the same result as typing apropos.


This is the GNU project's standard documentation format (info) which it prefers as an alternative to man. The info system is more free-form and supports linked sub-sections

You can view help for a particular topic by typing info <topic name>. The system then searches for the topic in all available info files.

help commad

這也很常用到,可以用指令 --help或是指令 -h來查詢指令的用法。